How Real Estate Law Can Help You

When it comes to Real Estate Law, there are many areas in which having a legal expert on your side can make a big difference. At Burke Blue, our highly trained attorneys can help assist you in several capacities regarding Real Estate law.

1. Development and Construction

Development and Construction are a common part of the real estate process that often see contractual disputes, which in turn can generate many potential liabilities. Issues can include title disputes, construction defects, and more. Maintaining a relationship with reputable attorneys like our’s can help you avoid such disputes when possible, and when the do arise, make sure you are prepared to deal with them quickly and professionally. Our litigation attorneys ensure your rights are always protected. 

2. Commercial and Residential Contracts

Commercial and Residential Contracts are another common area where attorneys are asked to step in. This is due to the fact that real estate is often an enormous investment, therefore any contract dispute that may arise can severely affect the value of that investment. Contract litigation is a complex branch of law that requires the skill of experienced professionals like us. Businesses and individuals need protective legal representation when they are participating in matters of contractual stipulations, including purchase agreements, commercial leases, and more. Having an expert attorney to help you through the process helps minimize risk significantly when it comes to these types of disputes.

3. Eminent Domain

If you are a landowner facing condemnation, then chances are you have several issues to consider.  Government entities must comply with strict legal standards when exercising their eminent domain powers and must provide owners with just compensation for their losses. This is where having an experienced lawyer can come in handy. With our attorneys’ help, we can protect your owners rights during condemnation and ensure you receive full and fair compensation.

4.  Landlord/Tenant

It should come to no surprise that the landlord/tenant relationship is an all too common area of legal conflict. These conflicts are often the result of loose or unclear terms drafted in tenant contracts. An experienced Burke Blue attorney can help resolve these issues and avoid them altogether by working with landlords to create clear, comprehensive lease agreements that comply with applicable laws.

5. Foreclosures

Foreclosures have become an increasingly common issue in recent years, and subject to more regulation. For lenders considering foreclosure as an options, we provide knowledge and expertise to help ensure all legal requirements are met. We can also help protect your rights as a homeowner during the process of foreclosure.

6. Condo and Homeowners Associations

When it comes to the rights of either party in condominium or homeowner association disputes, Burke Blue attorneys can litigate protect either party’s rights. From issues of interpretation and application of a covenant or restriction to a dispute over enforcement of an assessment, we have the experience and knowledge to effectively and competently handle your case.  

When it comes to Real Estate Law, you’ll find there are many situations where having and expert legal attorney at your side can make the difference in the success of your case. Call today to meet with us (850)-769-1414.