Our Story

The Story of Burke Blue

Our law firm was originally formed in 1973 by five attorneys. One was a banker, another was the School Board Attorney, two were general practitioners, and Les Burke was the Bay County Attorney. In 1984, the name “Burke and Blue” was adopted and the Firm limited its practice to representing the County and all facets of condominium development law.

Soon after, Burke and Blue started the process of building a new law office building fronting Massalina Bayou in beautiful downtown Panama City in the shadow of the Bay County Courthouse. The new office provided ample space for expansion. Over the years, the Firm grew to as many as 16 attorneys. Ultimately, the Firm established additional offices in Panama City Beach, Sandestin and Watercolor in order to better serve our clients across Florida’s Great Northwest. Currently, the Firm operates out of its offices in Panama City and Panama City Beach under the formal name of Burke Blue Hutchison Smith Zimmerman Burke & Masters, P.A.

The Firm’s practice areas have also grown dramatically to offering many practice areas, such as real estate law, business law, estate planning, wealth management, civil litigation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, government law, family law, environmental law and land use as a direct response to the needs of our clients.

From the beginning, the Firm adopted an inclusive management style that worked through consensus building, which involved all the attorneys in the decisions that operated and shaped the Firm. Except as required by the increased number of attorneys and offices, this style continues. Burke Blue has approximately, 35 team members who all believe in exceeding the expectations of the Firm’s many clients. The original five lawyers established a culture of collaboration, high integrity, and professionalism that has continued and evolved for over four decades. Burke Blue remains committed to the core values established by its founding partners.