Civil Litigation, Appeals, and Mediation

Representing Individuals and Businesses in Court

The attorneys at Burke Blue provide litigation and appeals services for our clients from our offices.  Our attorneys practice in all state and federal courts in the State of Florida and we have attorneys admitted to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court.  Knowledgeable and experienced Burke Blue lawyers can provide litigation and appeal services in the following diverse areas:

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

If you have suffered a personal injury, or lost a loved one as the result of the negligence of another, the attorneys at Burke Blue can assist you in picking up the pieces. These claims can result from automobile accidents, a slip and fall accident, lack of upkeep of property or security on a premises, negligence at a nursing home, and in many other ways.

At Burke Blue, we provide assistance to injured individuals every step of the way — from putting appropriate parties on notice, working with insurance companies, gathering and investigating the facts of the accident and the gathering of medical records, working with doctors’ offices and health insurance providers, and negotiating an appropriate settlement of your claim. When necessary, the attorneys at Burke Blue are prepared to aggressively present your case in court to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Our litigation attorneys can provide you a free consultation at either of our office locations to discuss your circumstances and determine if we can help get you on the road to recovery.

Real Estate

Development and Construction — Development and construction are that frequently generate areas for contractual disputes and potential liability. Issues such as title disputes, construction defects, construction liens, and more can surface in this arena. Developers and contractors should maintain a relationship with a reputable attorney so they can avoid these disputes when possible, but remain prepared to deal with them quickly if they do arise. The litigation attorneys at Burke Blue can ensure your rights are protected.

Commercial and Residential Contracts — Real estate is usually an enormous investment and unfortunately, contract disputes can severely affect the value of that investment. Contract litigation is a complex branch of law that requires the skill of experienced professionals like the litigation attorneys at Burke Blue.  Businesses and individuals need protective legal representation when they are participating in matters of contractual stipulations, including purchase agreements, commercial leases, and more. There is no room for risk when it comes to choosing the right attorney to represent you or your business in this type of dispute.

Eminent Domain — Landowners facing condemnation have several issues to consider. Government entities must comply with strict legal standards when exercising their eminent domain powers and must provide owners with just compensation for their losses. An experienced lawyer can help owners protect their rights during condemnation and ensure they receive fair compensation. Because Florida law requires the state to pay landowners’ attorney’s fees in eminent domain cases, landowners should always seek legal representation in eminent domain matters. 

Landlord/Tenant — The landlord/tenant relationship is historically a fertile area for conflict, but consulting an attorney can help landlords avoid such disputes by using comprehensive and clear lease agreements and complying with applicable laws. When disputes do occur, an experienced Burke Blue attorney can help resolve them.

Foreclosures — Foreclosures have become more common and subject to more regulation in recent years. For lenders considering foreclosure, a knowledgeable attorney can help ensure foreclosures comport with legal requirements. For homeowners facing foreclosure, the skillful lawyers at Burke Blue can help protect your rights during the process. For victims of wrongful foreclosures, Burke Blue attorneys can also help protect your rights. 

Condominium and Homeowners Associations — When negotiations fail, Burke Blue’s attorneys can litigate to protect the rights of either party in condominium or homeowner association disputes.  Whether the issue is interpretation and application of a covenant or restriction, or a dispute over enforcement of an assessment, Burke Blue’s litigation team has the knowledge and experience to effectively handle your case.


Contract Enforcement — Sometimes disputes arise with the implementation and enforcement of commercial contracts.  Burke Blue’s litigation attorneys are proficient at understanding and interpreting business contracts to ensure that the interests of our clients are protected. Challenges can result in contract law, but our attorneys are talented and can handle any type of contract dispute from a simple two-party agreement to the most complex multi-party commercial arrangement, including employment and partnership agreements.

Employment — A variety of issues can arise in the employer-employee relationship, including contract issues, wage and hour disputes, discrimination and harassment claims and intellectual property issues. Our experienced attorneys can help employers avoid these issues by drafting and implementing employment policies, and can help address these disputes when they do occur. We also represent employees who are faced with legal challenges or disputes.

Banking and Credit Unions — Matters related to banking and credit unions can be complicated and require the skill of an experienced attorney.  The litigation attorneys at Burke Blue have extensive knowledge of the industry and can represent banks, credit unions, individuals, and businesses in a variety of disputes. Our attorneys can thoroughly investigate and litigate your case and protect your rights and interests.

Bankruptcy — Creditor Representation — The attorneys at Burke Blue understand the challenges facing financial institutions and creditors. We provide effective legal solutions for businesses involved with collections and litigation. We employ the full weight of the law and strategies that succeed to protect creditor rights.


Burke Blue’s probate attorneys are qualified to represent clients involved in disputes over the legitimacy of a will, trust, or power of attorney, the administration of an estate or trust, or the appointment of a guardian or conservator.  Other possible issues could involve a personal representative who disregards the terms of a document or is falsely accused of doing so, a family member who was passed over in favor of another, allegations of undue influence, or possibly someone lacking the capacity to make a will or trust. After evaluating the circumstances, our attorneys are capable of providing vigorous representation at trial if necessary for any of the affected parties.


Burke Blue’s attorneys have experience in appellate practice in the Florida District Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Florida, as well as the United States 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Some Burke Blue attorneys are also members of the United States Supreme Court. Whether representing litigants appealing adverse decisions or representing successful litigants trying to preserve their victories at the trial level, Burke Blue’s attorneys have the experience and ability necessary to successfully advocate for their clients’ rights in appellate cases. Do not hesitate to contact our attorneys for specific information about appellate experiences and successes they have enjoyed.

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