Burke Blue Celebrates 45 Years of History

For the past 45 years, Burke Blue has operated throughout the Northwest Florida region. These decades of rich history have led us to opening new law office buildings, expanding our efforts and growing our team.

Since our founding in 1973, our firms practice areas have also grown dramatically. We know include specialties such as real estate law, business law, wealth management, and more! With each of our top trained attorneys experienced in a wide range of fields, we’ve created a group that is able to tend to every client’s needs, and provide expert legal advice appropriate for each case that is brought to us. 

While we have experienced exponential growth in our team, facilities, and client base over the years, our inclusive management style and dedication to values of integrity, collaboration and professionalism has set us apart from other firms. We maintain the foundation of commitment that we were founded upon, and deliver on our promises to our clients. 

You can learn more about our history here.