What To Expect In The Divorce Process

If you’re going through a divorce can be an extremely overwhelming process. Many clients come to us with questions, including what the divorce process looks like. Here are the typical steps of what to expect from your divorce case:

1. Retain Family Law Attorneys

The first step in any divorce process should be finding a good attorney for your party. This will help ensure you are taken care of each step of the way and stay organized throughout your divorce process. 

2. Filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

Typically, the next step in the divorce process is when one spouse files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. This petition outlines and sets forth the reasons for the divorce, and what relief the spouse is requesting from the Judge.  

3. Petition Response

Following the filing of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, the other spouse will then file a response to the Petition. In some situations, this response can also include a Counter-Petition, which submits an answer to the initial Petition as well as what relief they are requesting in return. 

4. Financial Document Exchange

At this point in the divorce process, both parties are required to exchange any financial documents with on another.

5. Hold Temporary Hearing

Once Petitions have been filed and all financial documents have been exchanged, a temporary hearing between the two parties is held to decide which specific issues need to be resolved while the divorce is going on. This could include deciding who gets to stay in the marital residence, temporary custody arrangements, etc.  

6. Address Other Relevant Issues

At this time, both parties should engage in any other discovery which may be relevant to issues involving division of property or issues pertaining to children involved. 

7. Mediation

Mediation is a process in which both parties come together with their attorneys and a neutral third-party to attempt negotiations among themselves for a resolution to the case. Almost all divorce and family law cases must be mediated prior to proceeding to a final hearing, and many are settled at mediation.

8. Final Hearing

In the event that a settlement is not able to be reached during mediation, the parties will proceed to a final hearing, where a Judge will decide the terms of the divorce. 

You don’t have to stress or feel overwhelmed when it comes to your divorce case. Our team of highly trained attorneys here at Burke Blue are here to help guide you and provide you with expert legal advice throughout the entire process. Learn more here or call us today at (850) 769-1414.